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Dr. Barry Goodman, Welcome and let me help you!!

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The Evolution Mattress by BioPosture with the Celliant Facto
An introduction to a revolutionary fabric designed to improve your overall health while you sleep.
Breathable, Green, Safe,
Doctor Guaranteed*, Memory Mattresses!!
*Not Limited!!! 100% Guarantee!! Only company to do so!!
BioPosture & Celliant!!!
Heal While You Sleep!!!
We are Exclusive in the Bedding and Hospitality For Celliant Fiber in Mattresses and Pillow!!!
Recommended by Doctors & Healthcare Professionals Only!!
Dr. Barry J. Goodman, Chiropractor
Sleep/Rest/Bedding Expert
Available For Consultation
All Product Personally & Professionally Guaranteed
No more 'mattress professionals'!
Your Chiropractor Is the Posture and Sleep Person!!
Welcome!! I am Dr. Barry J. Goodman
Your Bioposture Advisor and Expert Bedding Consultant
Most important today is quality, value and safety!
Quality- Natural Competitor to Tempurpedic,
Breathable Memory Foam
Value- 30% Better Price Point; Same Guarantee!!!!
Safety- New, Clean, Green, Safe, No Mites or Bugs***
***Each mattress made to order and shipped directly,
Only company on planet doing so!!
Bioposture- Evolution Celliant Fiber Sleep
Memory Mattresses, Pillows and Beds
Mattress with 2 pillows
The New 12"  Beds!!!
(Up to 18")
Beds have a 20 year warranty-same as Tempurpedic
30 Day No Questions Asked Return Policy
New Evolution Mattress With Celliant Fiber!!!!
Does Not Get Hot- Stay Cool!!
Plant Based Memory Foam!!
Anatomic Layered Support System!!
Made to Order. No Warehousing. No Bedbugs. Compressed and Sent To Your Home In A Biodegradable Duffle!!
A Trustworthy and Excellent Product, 100% GUARANTEED by your Doctor, the true sleep-rest-bedding-pillow authority and expert in your community!!!
Wave Pillow with CoverStandard Pillow without cover
Standard Pillow with cover
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Cervical I Add On: Sleep Suggestions For Neck Rehab and Neck Health.mpg
Brief review of proper neck alignment for sleep and healing. Pillowing suggestions and review of contour pillows as well as the 5 inch round foam cervical roll pillow. Dr. Barry J. Goodman- Aquarian ...
 Dr. and Mrs. Goodman
Call Dr. Goodman directly to order at 516.297.1376
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What is Celliant?
All Draper Therapies products contain Celliant® which is the world's most technologically advanced fiber that is a proprietary blend of minerals which have been extruded into a polyester fiber. Cellia...
Queen Regular and Small Contour
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